Go to class anywhere, anytime

''We are in the days of online learning. The possibilities are limitless''.

If you ask most students why they choose to learn online, the most common answer you will get is, "It's just more convenient."
But the benefits of online learning go beyond mere convenience.
You may find the online environment is more conducive to your individual learning style.
If you are a motivated self-starter who enjoys online interaction through social media sites, email, and other interactive means & wish to access the finest French classes/lessons wherever you are on Earth then online learning is the right fit for you.

''I will teach you French with personalized lessons tailored to your needs and level within a high quality online learning environment''.

  • Skype interface is used to ensure that you are in constant interaction with me during each lesson.

  • Flexible scheduling (morning, afternoon & evening) available all week long.

  • Online tutoring is available for adults at all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

  • Each online class/lesson is 60 minutes long (or more upon request).


''My lessons focus on : Conversational practice, use and comprehension of idiomatic expressions, clarity of pronunciation and accent authenticity, grammatical use and structure, reading comprehension and fluency.
I will give you the tools to become a fluent and comfortable French speaker''.

Level Assessment: 10-20 minute contact to establish your needs and discuss a potential language learning program (Free anywhere/anytime - contact me)
Lesson : $70 (45min) / 100 (1hour)
Package - 6 hours:   $540